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Creativity Accelerated: New RTX-Powered AI Hardware and Software Announced at COMPUTEX

NVIDIA launched NVIDIA Studio at COMPUTEX in 2019. Five years and more than 500 NVIDIA RTX-accelerated apps and games later, it’s bringing AI to even more creators with an array of new RTX technology integrations announced this week at COMPUTEX 2024. DLSS 3.5 with Ray Reconstruction unlocks sharper visuals in the viewport.
Chaos Vantage and D5 Render, two popular professional-grade 3D apps that feature real-time preview modes with ray tracing, have also seen drastic performance increases with DLSS 3.5 up to a 60% boost from Ray Reconstruction and 4x from all DLSS technologies.

Tools That Accelerate AI Apps

The vast ecosystem of open-source AI models currently available are usually pretrained for general purposes and run in data centers.

To create more effective app-specific AI tools that run on local PCs, NVIDIA has introduced the RTX AI Toolkit an end-to-end workflow for the customization, optimization and deployment of AI models on RTX AI PCs.

Partners such as Adobe, Topaz and Blackmagic Design are integrating RTX AI Toolkit within their popular creative apps to accelerate AI performance on RTX PCs.

Developers can learn more on the NVIDIA Technical Blog.

Published: 2024-06-05T13:00:59

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